Advanced Skid Steer Tires | AIR RYDE | GRI FIT USA



A Solid Skid-Steer tire built with natural rubber formulation and aperture sidewall design, providing the softest cushion ride. AIR RYDE tires are engineered specifically to handle the extreme lateral forces of skid-steer machines.

Its deep lug, R-4 tread design provides the most advanced traction with self-cleaning lugs built for the toughest of terrain applications. AIR RYDE is designed for quick and easy installation and is available in standard as well as clip-type tires for all Skid-Steer equipment. The tire is designed and built to operate in all terrains and challenging conditions.

Special Features

  •  Scrap yards
  • Trash transfer facilities
  • Demolition areas
  • Recycling stations of glass, steel, paper, plastic, etc.
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