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When to use Solid Tyres?

Solid rubber tyres are an alternative to pneumatic tyres. They are the same, except that they are solid rather than filled with air. They will not burst, deflate or go flat like pneumatic tyres. They are very long lasting. Solid forklift tyres are great for indoor use or outdoor use.

Why use a Non-Marking type solid tyre?

Non-Marking tyres are made to not make black marks on the floors. These tyres are used in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, etc. and other government approved industries. Non-Marking tyres are available in Globestar, Peakmaster, Ultimate XT & Excalibur brands.

What solid tyre is suitable for extremely hard usage?

Ultimate XT is ideally suited for extremely hard use. Ultimate XT is a premium plus, fully tested, very advanced three-stage tyre which allows for high loads to be carried over longer distance at higher speeds providing a very comfortable ride. It also has a special tread with higher abrasion resistance. Ultimate XT is ideal for three shift operations.

What brand will meet very demanding solid tyre usage?

Peakmaster is a premium three-stage solid tyre, perfectly suited for very demanding solid tyre usage. Peakmaster’s special natural rubber compound formula provides higher tensile strength, comfort and a longer tyre life.

What solid tyre is developed for regular and normal material handling usage?

Globestar has been designed and developed for all regular material handling activities. Globestar is a standard three-stage tyre offering a special tread with a formulated soft center core providing a soft ride while reducing driver fatigue. It is well suited for two shift operations.

What brand is designed for light usage?

The Performer is a two-stage tyre designed to meet current market and cost demands. The Performer offers good value for light and intermittent use in all single-shift forklift applications.

Brands and Applications

High quality raw material inputs and carefully developed natural rubber compounds form the base of our specialized range of solid industrial tyres for material handling equipment across the world. Our natural rubber compounds are tested rigorously to optimize performance and offer excellent cut, wear and chunking resistance coupled with superior heat dissipation qualities. Good tyre flexibility, deflection and traction help towards improved handling characteristics and driver comfort. We manufacture different types of solid resilient and press on band tyres that are tiered as premium plus, premium, standard and value to suit different customer requirements.

GRI also offers SRT and POB tyres for shipping ports, airline ground equipment and airline authorized transporters worldwide. Our tyres are engineered to provide optimum tyre life while reducing downtime due to costly flats and blowouts. Our tyres are built for: baggage carts, baggage tractors, push back tractors, non-powered transporters, dollies and passenger boarding aero bridge systems.

All GRI products, tyres and wheels, are produced to conform within the guidelines set forth with respect to load carrying capacity, geometry and design to meet the requirements of the ETRTO, the European Tyre & Rim Technical Organization.

Quality and Safety

GRI makes continuous improvement on the strict quality and safety requirements set out for material handling equipment by OEM suppliers. Surpassing client expectations have been instrumental in keeping us ahead of the competition. A well equipped testing laboratory, trained technicians, regular quality enhancement measures, and precise monitoring of all stages of production helps ensure that GRI tyres meet the most demanding quality and safety requirements. More than a decade in operation and numerous certifications along the way including ISO 9000:2008 (since 2009), have all helped GRI make its mark as a reliable and cost effective supplier of solid tyres for material handling equipment.